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What are Veneers? Benefits & Advantages.

hollywood-smile-beirutVeneers are thin layers made of special dentistry materials placed over the teeth surface either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth, or to protect a damaged tooth surface.

The fixing of veneers gave a new dimension to aesthetic dentistry, namely the capacity to change the form, the color and the dimensions without damaging the teeth. Of course, if done by a professional and experienced aesthetic dentist.

A veneer operates only on the visible face of the tooth, without affecting the other faces such as the crown. Therefore, the damage on teeth is very minimum compared to the crown, since it treats between 0,2 and 0,6 mm of the mineral substance of the tooth.

Using this technique, we can treat teeth problems which taint a pretty smile, namely:

- Color problem: dyschromie
- Form problem: dysmorphie
- Enamel texture problem: dysplasie
- Abrasion due to age or to bruxisme
- Bad position which means that teeth were not in their natural place
- Diastème: the teeth present a gap between them
- Malocclusion: when the shutting or gearing between teeth is not natural
- Quick orthodontics without braces

There are two international ways to place veneers: direct by using composite or indirect by using ceramic.


Direct Veneers

- They take place in one session
- Without anesthesia
- Do not need any preparation of the superficial enamel, which means without any damage for teeth
- Present the advantage to have a great polishing like the enamel
- Present the advantage to operate a radical change on the form, color and dimensions of the tooth
- Present the advantage of great adherence to the tooth, so the risk of detachment is non-existent
- Present a natural fluorescence
- The middle age is 6 years seen that it is an organic material therefore, degradable with a firm core. Since the teeth were not cut, we must specify that the removal of the veneer is done without any change in the form or in the dimension at the initial state, which means that the patient has back the form of the tooth before the veneer; we say that this kind of veneers presents the characteristic to be reversible
- Composite veneers present a unique advantage among all other kinds of veneers, they are kinetic and modifiable, we can anytime do any kind of modification namely the form, color and dimensions
- They need a great dexterity from the practitioner
- They present the advantage of being reversible and modifiable during all the time of their remaining in the mouth

Ceramic or Indirect Veneers

what-is-veneersCeramic / Indirect Veneers present the same advantages than Direct Veneers, namely when settling the problems of form, color, position and texture. But the only difference is that in certain cases we need to fit out a place between 0,2 and 0,6 mm of the face since it is a mineral product, thus, it is not degradable at a medium term. Ceramic Veneers have a durability which can attain 20 years.

- They guarantee a permanent white color
- They present the advantage to have an easy and quick fixing process in two sessions.
- They guarantee a radical change of the form and the color, without any damage on teeth, gum and oral health
- They do not have any risk of detachment
- They require only two sessions.
- Stable permanent color
- Quick and easy process
- Durability until 15 years
- Natural effect of transparency and reflection of light
- Protect the dental tissues without any damage
- Do not give any sensation of discomfort, such as pain to heat or cold, with normal mastication of every kind of food.

Veneers guarantee higher aesthetic results, namely a beautiful white smile with comfort during and after their fixing. The guarantee time can be up to fifteen years, without any damage to teeth or gum, in a period varying from one day (composite) to three days (ceramic).

The kind of used ceramic veneers does not matter, the important issue is the guarantee given by the clinic against any fracture, color change or pain. With minimum fees, especially useless fees due sometimes to great advertising undertaken by big companies.

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